FREE(dom) of the Press

In an effort to get my name out into the webisphere as an author, I’ve begun writing for . Corner University is primarily focussed on business, entrepreneurship and life styles that foster success in those avenues.

What does an up and coming aspiring writer have to offer to the world of business?

There are three main things that I have an abundance of right now: 

  1. Time to write
  2. Time to research
  3. Time to promote
Basically, I have a lot of time. The resources are endless in an information age where hundreds of thousands of business people have written, catalogued and posted their stories. These stories highlight  keys to success, blunders, networks, habits, failures and triumphs. My job, with the abundance of time that I currently have, is to sift through the pile and find the most relevant issues. Once discovered, I put my own spin on them.
So far, the response has been great. I’ve been classically trained in the area of writing and literature. I’ve been educated in English and possess a college degree (and therefore have written my share of 20 page research papers about topics that I had no knowledge of before hand.) Lastly, I am a writer at heart. I love to communicate to others through prose. Whether it is a book I’ve written or am writing, online articles edited by others, my blog, Twitter, Facebook or just texting over worded messages to the people I love, I LOVE TO WRITE. 
The only downside so far, is that I write for free. Here’s to being discovered.

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