Free Gifts–Gift implies free doesn’t it?

This week has been a week of God doing a revolution in my heart and mind and soul about some things. All I can say is as I’ve been meeting him in the tender and often hidden places of my questioning heart, he is meeting my mental, emotional and physical needs. Christmas is usually a really hard time for me, and this year it is a time a affirmation and discernment rather than loneliness and sorrow. I’ve been surrounded by people (both near and far) who love me. Some love Jesus, some don’t and some are unsure who is right in this world. All I know, is that regardless of anything else that I am, I am 100% sold out for Jesus. I am beyond thankful for his sacrifice on my behalf and how we can add NOTHING (no rules, no addendums, no check lists) to the gift freely (FREELY–as in you can come however you are) given on the cross. I can rest knowing that my sins both willful and otherwise have already been paid–I don’t have to hide who I am or what my struggles might be for fear of judgement. “Perfect love casts out fear, for fear has to do with punishment” and the punishment for sin is paid in full. Thank you Jesus. 
Sorry for the rant….but also, not really.

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