Radical Faith

Radical faith, what does it look like?

Honestly, when I hear those two words I instantly think of the great heroes of the faith. Mother Theresa, William Wilberforce, John Foxe or more recently the underground believers in the Middle East and South East Asia.

I think of people who struggled to overcome great political and religious adversity. People who faced intense persecution , sometimes at the loss of who they love and maybe even their own lives. I think of people who shed their tears, bruised their bodies and bled their love to the glory of God. I think of people who devoted themselves to the service of others. People who lived in perpetual poverty physically but experienced a richness of soul that made the world take notice.

All of the people that come to mind when thinking of Radical Faith have one thing in common–they did not leave the world unchanged. Their obedience to God’s specific and general call in their lives left those who encountered them changed. Some of the most radically faithful were the driving force behind the biggest social and political movements in recent history.

There’s a theme rising up among my generation and the one coming after us. We desperately want to make a difference. We see the brokenness of the world we’re living in and want to dive in and get our hands dirty. As one of the most generous age groups, we often donate time and money to causes that we believe will change the world for the greater good. This in itself is not radical faith, but it does reveal our heart’s desire to evoke change with lasting benefit.

Recently, I’ve come to understand radical faith as actively obeying God without reserve. Radicalism is not passive. I can’t be part of a revolutionary revival while sitting on my couch surfing Facebook. I’ve felt strongly for sometime that God is calling me to use my creativity and love for music and art to reach others. Do I feel inadequate–of course. Do I trust Him to work it out–yes I do, because it’s His idea. Was I freaked out by the idea of changing the direction of my life –yes and I still am. Have I been blessed in that obedience–more than I could ever imagine.

I’ve not been rich, but I’ve been richly provided for. There is not a single thing that I am lacking. I will be clear, there are a lot of things that I do not have. I cannot frivolously spend on Starbucks nor eat takeout. I can’t just go pick up something from the grocery store if the food in my cupboard isn’t exactly what I’m craving–but I have exactly what I need! I’ve got generous friends, that have become my family, who love and support me. People who love Jesus and walk in step with the Spirit have affirmed God’s calling in my life. We’ve prayed and watched Him open doors for new employment and provision of simple things. I have more than I thought I would have when I moved here in September, and I know that God has so much more in store for me.

Not all of us are called to sell everything and live among the poor, but all of us are called to love the poor. Not all of us are called to leave our homes and plant churches overseas, but all of us are called to make disciples. Not all of us are called to be sidewalk preachers, but all of us are called to bear witness. What does radical faith look like in your life?

** I’d like to add, if you would like to join my support network and help me in this journey of radical obedience http://www.gofundme.com/cherylfolland follow this link to donate and share. Every little bit helps. **

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