Radio Silence Renewed My Soul

I’ve been absent from the blog life for about a month. I needed time to focus on the Spirit and what He might be leading me into. Over the next while I will be sharing poetry and song lyrics that I’ve written during these past few silent weeks.

I’m hoping to start nailing down some melodies and maybe do some collaboration. If you have any ideas (concrete or abstract) about something that God has done in your life or a story of overcoming seeming impossible odds–I want to hear from you!

For your reading pleasure, a poem from July 5th.

In the shadow of the cross
are the broken and the lost
the weeping and the weary they come.

To the place where the Son
did what must be done
so they could forever know Love.

You were laid on His heart
while He hung on that tree
and cried out to His Father in pain.

Thinking of you
The King of the Jews looked up the Heavens
He breathed his last breath and died.

The enemy rejoiced
at the death of the Christ
he thought he surely had won.

The world stood still
as the grave was sealed
inside the Most Holy One.

Jesus had promised
He would return
three days later He walked from the grave.

Death was defeated
sin had been conquered
Jesus freed the enslaved.

Listen you lost
you broken and weary
this is where your story starts.

From before you were born
before your very beginning
you were on the Father’s heart.

Come out of the shadow
out of the darkness
claim what has been restored.

Jesus paid the ransom
you’ve been set free
come and take it–it’s yours.

—Cheryl Folland

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