It’s Pride Month: The Need for Rainbow Spam

As you’ve probably noticed, your newsfeed is filling up with Pride flags, coming out stories, controversial bathroom hate crimes and cheeky memes about being a unicorn. 

As an ally, or impartial person –you know one who considers themselves tolerant but doesn’t like to take sides–you’re likely to be annoyed or even grow numb to the sentiment behind these posts.

The fact that Pride Month Celebrations can be annoying is the reason we need them.

If it were Hunger Awareness, Cancer Awareness, Autism Awareness, Heritage Month, or any other issue not pertaining to sexuality–would the reaction be the same?

I’ve been speaking out actively to those close to me why it’s important for me, as a Christian, to be involved in this year’s Pride activities. My city is having it’s first Pride Festival and when I mentioned that it would be from a Wednesday to a Sunday–the audible eye roll went around the table like the wave at a football game.

In that moment I felt small, I felt foolish and I felt dirty. This is why we need Pride Month. 

Pride isn’t about promiscuity, it isn’t about sexualization, it isn’t about getting drunk and having a techno dance party in the street in our underwear –it’s about acceptance, love and integrity. In a culture where someone can get the audible eye roll for attending an event that celebrates and encourages marginalized people (which by the way–Jesus spent 95% of his ministry with marginalized people)–this month is important.

Instead of getting annoyed, why not engage. First, ask yourself why you’re uncomfortable. Annoyance is just the polite version of anger. Why are you angry that people are fighting for acceptance? 

Second, engage with your friends. Ask your friend why that post is so important for them. Explain that you want to understand the importance but that you’re having a tough time. Hear some firsthand stories about how LGBTQ people are dehumanized daily and why it needs to stop regardless of personal or religious convictions. 

Above all listen to your mom: if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

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