A Case of the Mondays

It’s Sunday night. You’re all ready for bed. You’ve packed your lunch like a boss. You’re laundry is all done. You’ve prepped for the week of daycare program and you’ve preset the coffee pot.

You head to bed a little later than normal because your roommate has just arrived home after a few weeks away visiting family and she has stories and treasures to share. You’ve planned for this by getting everything ready that you normally do in the morning. After some chatting and snacks, you climb into bed to sleep for 7 hours before the coffee pot wakes you up in the morning.

Here’s the thing, sleep never comes. You spend the night tossing and turning for no real reason. You even took some melatonin to help you fall asleep, and yet , it’s just not happening. Oh well, you think to yourself, at least I’ll have a few cups of coffee in the morning before work.

When your alarm finally goes off in the morning, you’re surprised how simultaneously long and short 7 hours of insomnia is, and yet you don’t feel as tired as you might think. You hear the wonderful gurgling of the coffee pot as you get ready.

As you approach the dispenser of heavenly goodness, you notice that the coffee grounds are floating on the top of the pot. Here you have a choice, you can give into the Mondays….if you’ve ever read Garfield comics, you know what I’m talking about…or you can overcome.

Grabbing a coffee filter and a sive, you pour the floaty infested brew through your new contraption and into your favourite mug. You will not be thwarted this day. You will be clever. You will persevere and you will probably nap in the afternoon.

This really happened. This was my morning.


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