What Makes a Space Safe?

I’ve been thinking a lot about safe spaces lately. Being a queer Christian, I often feel the need to be on defence in places that should be safe for my respective groups. I do not feel safe at Church because I am queer and I do not feel safe at queer events because I am Christian. Where do I fit?

Perhaps you are asking yourself the same question. My solution is to BE the safe place. I am actively creating safe space for people from all walks of life. Places where you don’t need to explain and rationalize why you are you. I’ve met a few people recently who do the same thing. One of my favourite events right now is Queer Nights, Mondays at The Vault Cafe in Nanaimo. LGBTQ members and allies gather for socializing and various art forms. We are all from different communities, belief systems and generations. Everyone is encouraged to be exactly who they are and to support others as they do so.

There is zero judgment and my peers celebrate me as I am–a disciple of Christ who happens to love hearts and not parts.

I am hoping to create more and more contacts and have safe spaces throughout the community. If you see me, I’m here for you.



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