Pandemic made me do it

I’ve been silent on here for a while as I worked on both creative and personal endeavours. I realized that I had been at home off of work since March 6, 2020.

I had lost motivation to write, to read, to cook, to do just about anything. I was feeling more than socially isolated. As a person who needs human contact and quality time to feel loved. My depression took a nose dive and I was beginning to lose hope.

A childhood friend of mine had been documenting their own journey. As an immune compromised person, they had limited options for fitness and limited energy. I messaged them on June 25th and changed my life.

In the last 26 days, I’ve done 47 workouts. Lost 13lbs and 19 inches. My goal is strength and to reduce my risk of hereditary illness. In the process, I’ve had four people in join me on this journey.

I’ve always mentored people around me. From my days as a youth leader and a camp counsellor, to my stint as a tutor and teacher, and various non-profit leadership councils, I even ran for student government and had the privilege of representing my program for a year.

It’s important to me that people feel loved, empowered and cared for. I believe that everyone has a goal they can reach if only someone believes in them.

Let me be that person for you.

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