Shake the Conventional

Today’s Card is The Hierophant/Taurus. (Deck by The Fox Tarot)

It represents the challenging of conventional thoughts, specifically in the areas of spirituality.

It can also represent roles being defined in a relationship or partnership, higher learning such as post secondary or personal scholarship, authority figures.

When this card turns up there’s great change/growth/work to be done around beliefs, tradition, conformity, ritual, ceremony. Search for meaning in those areas in your life that fit these descriptions.

It’s time to grow past whatever doesn’t serve you.

For some this card is introspective, for others, it’s speaking outwardly to dealing with authority figures in your life that help or hinder your spiritual and moral development.

We often try to emulate and reflect those in authority over us either consciously or subconsciously. Channel Taurus and be grounded in your needs and goals, determined and stable in your purpose, and take ownership of your next steps.

There’s something in your life at this moment that doesn’t fit, if a good whack with a hammer, or a swift kick to your own butt won’t resolve the issue and bring it into balance, it’s time to let that shit go.

Conformity in this context doesn’t mean be like everyone else or uphold the status quo, it’s speaking to something being out of place either internally or externally and it either needs to come under the new you’s will for it or take off.

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