Who I Used to Be

They used to call me The Amazing Cheryl during my camp days. I even had a fan club on Facebook for a hot minute.

I’m still in touch with many of my campers 15 years later (wow, that makes me feel old) as they’re having babies, getting married, becoming world changers and all around wonderful human beings.

In those days, I didn’t understand the value of what I was doing and I didn’t worry to much about the success of it all. I saw a need and I met it if I could. I went out of my way to bless, encourage, love and care for every single person I came into contact with—in some ways I still do that.

Somewhere in my 4th year of camp life, my why shifted. I started doing my work for the approval of others and it quickly became unsustainable and ultimately ruined “camp life” for me and more than a few others connected to me.

A few years later, I naturally gravitated towards a similar role but this time with inmates. I worked as a volunteer team leader for three years in the Alberta Corrections system. I helped others identify their strengths and use those to brighten the lives of people in very dark circumstances. But again, I fell into the trap of making my leadership choices based on what those in authority over me would find impressive instead of what those alongside me needed.

As I’m starting this new phase, it’s not about approval. It’s not about accolades, it’s about helping people see their own potential and reach their goals both professionally and personally. I want to continue to use my gifts to help others identify their skills and thrive with confidence in them.

I want to help others be whole and happy and successful regardless of what the world’s fake rules say success is.

There are no limits here except the ones we place on ourselves. Creativity and passion equal success.

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