I’m Not Waiting Anymore

Something that grieves my soul, enrages my spirit, and makes me groan, growl, swear out loud is when you’re in a discussion with someone either in person or online and they keep moving the goal post.

If you’re not familiar with this term, picture the comment section where someone responds to your post with a question. So you answer that question fully, and that’s it right? Nope. They keep asking unrelated question after unrelated question until you’re so off base and exhausted you give up.

We do this to ourselves in goal setting all the time. It’s also the heart of procrastination—sorry.

Just five more minutes, just one more episode, just one more week, month, year. I’ll do it when I feel confident, stronger, faster, more secure. Each time we approach a milestone we make a new one, and not in a good way.

I kept saying I would start a business once I had my life in order. Guess what, I am a human being in a world of human beings and we are messy and complicated. My life will never be neat and tidy. So I am not waiting anymore.

I am showing up for myself, and for you.

I wake up every morning now excited for the day. I get my nourishment, I get my 30 to 40 minute work out, I spend a dedicated hour on social media for the express purpose of responding to other people’s posts. EVERY SINGLE COMMENT. It sometimes takes longer than an hour, sometimes less.

I took the time to create a Google Calendar that plans out necessary daily things I need for success and utilizes my phone to remind me. Guess what? I still have time to watch one more episode and sleep five more minutes and each day I feel a little more of those things I’ve been waiting for.

The waiting doesn’t make them happen. Stepping out in bravery and committing to who I want to be, that is creating the confidence, strength, security and vision I was waiting for.

How can you show up for yourself? Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? Visit the contact us page and let me help you sort it out.

3 thoughts on “I’m Not Waiting Anymore

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  1. Good post…. To your point, there will rarely be a perfect time for us as humans to start or do anything, why it best to get started and make the time…. Also, the quicker we start something, the quicker we can can start to reap the rewards from it in the future.,,

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    1. Perfection is such a lie! We need to create and be the change in the world we want to see. It’s amazing what we make time for without even knowing it. Those screen time reports my computer gives me once a week, those show what I make time for!

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