Why you need to start a home gym now.

We’ve been in a stage of limbo in my area since early March. Everything has been closed for months. Gyms are starting to reopen, but by appointment only. Sanitization is still the responsibility of individual users.

You’re at greater risk of getting Covid at the Gym

In close quarters and shared sweaty spaces, a virus that is transmitted through droplets when people exhale is happiest at a hot sweaty gym.

Many people, including myself, have taken to working out at home for safety and convenience. But where do you start?

Equipment can be expensive

Right now with the absolute price gouging from online retailers. It’s never been a better time to get an on demand workout service that is equipment optional, or like the service I use, ships you everything you need while giving you access to over 700+ unique workouts for all levels.

I started my home gym with just a yoga mat, blocks, and sneakers. Over time, I’ve added dumbbells from Canadian Tire (which were VERY affordable), a pilates mat for core exercises that a friend donated to me, and program specific equipment from Beachbody On Demand.

It’s more affordable

My gym membership to the local discount place was $10.99 CAD every two weeks. My Beachbody on Demand membership works out to $12 CAD a month! I’m saving $8 a month and getting better results than I ever did before.


If you’re like me and are fat or a couch potato consuming every new Netflix series as they’re released, going to the gym even before Covid 19 was uncomfortable at the best of times. There’s a stigma when fat people try to get stronger. It can feel awkward and embarrassing and like everyone is staring at you waiting for you to fail.


You can get up workout and get on with your day. Or workout before bed, after work. Basically whenever. You don’t have to drive across town and change clothes. You can walk directly from your workout and into a shower that you KNOW is clean.


BOD signs you up with a coach and community of people just like you right away. They help you discover what’s best for your needs, goals, and fitness level. Almost everyone on my team is physically disabled and able to modify the workouts and nutrition plans to work for them.

Try it with me for 14 days free!

Click here to get instant access to 14 days free. I will check in with you frequently and answer any questions you might have. I’ll also make sure to remind you to cancel before you’re billed if you’re finding it’s not for you! No risk, only gains.

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