Pre and Post Natal Barre Blend Launches August 3

On Monday, August 3rd, Pre & Post Natal Barre Blend launches. It’s readily included in the On Demand membership, but you can also get challenge packs to maximize your nutrition and fitness.

“It used to be that well-meaning family and friends thought it best for pregnant people to simply “relax,” “get some rest,” or “take it easy” during their pregnancy. Even medical professionals were conservative in their approaches. But that thinking has dramatically changed, and decades of research back up the fact that safe exercise during pregnancy is highly beneficial for both parent and baby.”

  • • Get 24/7 access to all Pre & Post Natal Barre Blend workouts
  • • Get 24/7 access to all digital materials (Get Started Guide + Workout Calendar, Guidelines for Pre- & Postnatal Nutrition, 2B Mindset and Pregnancy, Ultimate Portion Fix and Pregnancy, “I AM” Daily Motivation Cards, in both Spanish and French)
  • • Workouts are also available in Spanish and French. Alternate audio and subtitle options are available by clicking the speech bubble icon and selecting the audio or subtitle track of your choice
  • • These workouts also can be found within the original Barre Blend

Get access to me as your coach!

***Bonus, the first three people that buy any challenge packs over 150.00 get a discount! But I only have three***

For more information contact me or check out the original blog post here.

To make an order for this or any program, visit my coach site here.

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