Ditch the scale as your indicator of success

Reminder to self, and anyone who needs it, trust the process non-scale victories help us when the scale isn’t our friend.

Here’s the thing about weight loss coupled with strength training. You will gain weight as you lose mass. This is hard for those of us, most of us, who have been taught to focus on the numbers. The past four days I gained 8lbs after losing 22lbs. I am WAY stronger than I was a week ago, way more capable, I lost another few inches on my waist. But I have a hard time shaking those 8lbs flashing in my brain.

It’s really important not to focus on the scale as the be all and end all authority on whether or not a program is working. Muscle Burns Fat is about building lean muscle to burn the fat for fuel. In order to do that, professional couch potatoes like me need to first build muscle.

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This causes a minor, MINOR weight gain and a perpetual yo-yo effect especially during the first half of the total program.

Day One
Day 15

I don’t think I’ll be strong enough to do the Muscle Burns Fat Advanced August 17th, but I will restart MBF on August 24th with anyone who wants a do over or to try it for the first time. If you sign up for my challenge group now, your total package solution system will arrive just in time.

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