Reversed VIII-Strength/Leo

Represents Leadership. Age/stage 32 to 35.

When this card turns up, during Leo’s time to shine especially, it’s calling you to exercise your talents. Love triumphs over hate, over self-doubt, over self-sabotage and the inner strength of the Lion is harnessed. That bravery, the self-control, can enable you to do anything you set your mind to in time.

Deck by

Now is the time to celebrate achievements. Got a new job, boast about that shit! Finally hung that picture, post it on Instagram. Exercising radical self love for the first time in years—SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS, literally or figuratively…read your neighbours.

The season of Leo arrives just before and during the first harvest in most of the world. Now is the time you will start to see the reaping of all those seeds you’ve planted over the years. Fruit you forgot about is ready to be picked and savoured. Friendships that you’ve been pouring into, projects you’ve been working on that are now coming to fruition, none of it was in vain.

Some of you need the extra dose of Leo confidence and authority for something specific in your life. I don’t know what it is, but reading this, you do. Take some of my outrageous self assuredness and flamboyance and jump. Knock that shit out of the park. Do the thing that you’ve been wanting to try but are afraid it won’t workout.

Text the person you’re crushing on, send an email, phone a friend, apply for a job, take a class, dance it out, cut your hair. Whatever the thing is, do it.

People are watching you more than you know and look to you for leadership and inspiration. You got this. We got you.

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