5 ways to grow your intuition

1. Listen to your body

How does your body feel? Most of us have the gut reaction to things. Whether it’s the initial warning against potential harm or unease when meeting someone for the first time or that head to toe YES that seems to vibrate from our every inch—our bodies tell us the truth if we listen to them.

As children we instinctively listened to our soul’s needs, wants, and desires regardless of what others might think. Then, usually around the time we started school, we were taught to keep still. Keep quiet. Keep your body to yourself. Master the body. Control the body. Mind over matter. And so many other TRASH phrases that limit our potential for connection.

How does your body feel when you see someone and just KNOW you’re meant to know them? Tingles? Flutters? Does your heart rate increase or decrease? Are the sounds and happenings around you heightened or diminished? All these clues can help you tune into your inner voice.

2. Journal

Now that you’ve started noticing what physical and emotional feelings are associated with your inner guidance, write them down. Keep track of them over a period of time. Depending on how long you’ve been cut off from this part of you, it might take a while to get the hang of it.

I’ve known since I was a child that I could just see things other people couldn’t. I knew without clear explanation how someone was feeling. These kids are often called old souls, which might also be true—they are empaths and intuitive. If you’ve ever felt out of step with those in your age and stage bracket, and find yourself being the person friends, loved ones, and even strangers pour their hearts out to, chances are this is you.

My recording vivid dreams, emotions, feelings about people and the future I was able to reflect on them later. Some visions and images were tucked away in my journals for over 10 years before they became relevant!

I was talking with a friend the other day and they said, “Whenever I say I knew this would happen, people tell me it’s just deja vu.” I’m here to tell you it’s probably your subconscious affirming your intuition about something. Write it down, notice the patterns, the feelings, the physical, emotional, and mental similarities between each instance.

3. Practice

Now that you’ve learned to recognize the signs of when something might be your intuition and not just your ego or desires day dreaming, it’s time to practice.

Practicing looks different for everyone. It’s unique to your personality. For me, when a specific person pops into my head, I reach out to them and see how their day is going. Most times, it’s a hard day for them. Or they are in need of advice but would never have asked. When I don’t listen to that inner nudging, I get very anxious and upset and things often start to go wrong in my day very quick.

A few weeks ago I was feeling the need to talk to a person about an unhealthy habit of relating that was starting to form in our friendship. I avoided the conversation and literally dropped a raw egg in the fridge and smashed it to bits creating a huge mess while I was on the phone with them.

Later in the same week, I trusted my intuition and said yes to asking a hard question of a client and they had a huge break through!

Intuition is a muscle like anything else. You need to use it or you’ll lose it.

4. Channel

But how do you practice something you are barely beginning to recognize? There are many methods of channeling intuition, my favourite right now is Tarot cards. Contrary to popular culture of the past (and some of the present) Tarot cards are not demonic, they are not harbingers of evil, they are tools used to tap into a different level of awareness.

Many different spiritual practices use Tarot or some variation of cards. My current deck is one designed and sold by www.thefoxtarot.com. The Fox Tarot has a traditional deck as well as a self-care deck complete with guidebooks and journals.

Using the cards and corresponding guidebooks, and what you know of a person or situation, you can take the succinct definitions of each card and expand it. You’ll find the more frequent you do this, the more often you’ll bring clarity to a situation.

5. Trust

Trust is the biggest one. You will doubt yourself. You will doubt the process. Babies don’t learn to walk overnight. Marathon runners train for the big day. Intuition takes time, practice and trust.

If you lean in and listen and have faith—belief that you can and will discern the truth—it will come.

Do you have a favourite method of channeling? Post your favourite tools below or methods that have worked for you!

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