Seven week results

I started with 21 Day Fix Real Time, because let’s face it, it is SUPER satisfying when professional trainers struggle with the same moves as me.

I am currently doing Muscle Burns Fat. Today I crushed week 3 day 2, day 16 of the program.

I just want to share the results of the past 7 weeks with the knowledge that I absolutely could not do all the moves. I modified the modifications. I showed up for myself every day on the mat and on my plate. I ate chocolate, burgers, had wine, pancakes, waffles, steak, BBQ chicken, pizza, pasta, salads for days and chocolate….did I mention chocolate?

Top image is 259lbs June 25 2020, bottom image is 236lbs August 11, 2020.

I lost 22 lbs and over 50+ inches in seven weeks. I lost an entire sports bra size, which is amazing to me. I’m a J cup, so the idea that maybe by this time next year I could buy an off the rack swim suit is looking pretty freaking good.

My XXL undies are starting to be too big, and my yoga shorts definitely are. I’m thinking I am going to sew them a bit because I plan on keeping this up and cannot afford new clothes every few months!

Most noticeable is my shrinking abdomen. When I started, it stuck out past my bust line. It was over 60 inches around and is now a happy 45. I can dig that progress.

If you ever feel like programs are impossible for you because of where you are starting, I want to be open and honest about where I’m coming from.

As a teen I was a size 9, athletic as hell—like competitive track, basketball, volleyball, cycled everywhere, swimming etc. I was 158 lbs and 5′ 7″. I was freaking stacked. Then trauma after trauma happened and I turned to food, TV, and booze among other things.

At my most, I was 368lbs. I got down to 275lbs and though…that’s good enough right? I lost almost 100lbs? I stayed there for 5 years and the scale started to creep up. So I got a 300.00 gym membership last year and a 150.00 fitbit, and I think I went like 6 times? I didn’t feel like I belonged. I couldn’t afford a trainer and most of the equipment was too small for my body to fit.

This past June, my best childhood friend was just posting her journey. So I messaged her and signed up. There was no selling involved. I could see her results, knew her and trusted her, and I’ve been committed and going strong. The change is beyond what I can describe. I’m starting to love myself again, and I get to help other people do the same.

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