Don’t shame eat food, just eat food.

When we shift our mindset to view food as fuel and not as a medicine for various ailments (emotional, mental, physical, comfort) we can release the shame, guilt and stigma surrounding what we put in our bodies.

Portion Fix* containers used to make green beans, quinoa, and grilled chicken breast

You want to eat a burger? Eat a burger.

Pay attention to how your body feels. Tell your brain/judgment centre to shut up for a minute…or forever…and just listen.

Did I love the way fast food burgers and especially milkshakes tasted in the moment, yes. Did I feel bloated or have an upset stomach from the fat and salt content within an hour and get an oil slick for days on my face breaking out, YES.

Do I get that from a Bic Mac Salad (ask me for the recipe), no. Does it taste the same??? I think it tastes better but that’s because I always as for like 400 pickles when I get burgers.

You want a beer? (Unless you’re in recovery) Have it! Again, how do you feel the next day after 1, 5, 10 drinks?

Honour your body and feed it what it needs with no shame or guilt.

When one of my clients messages me that they missed their nutrition target, or that they ate something—I feel like they are telling their parent they broke a vase or shaved the dog or something. I will not shame or yell at you. I will ask, “How did you feel while you ate it? How do you feel now? Did you get hungry again soon?”

Our bodies want fuel, they want nutrients. It’s a lie that all calories are created equal when we need vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, and certain fatty acids to keep rebuilding the cells that are breaking down every minute.

How are you fuelling your body? How does it feel physically? Are you nourished?

**Portion Fix is a trademark of Autumn Calabrese and Beachbody.

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