I don’t write for anyone in mind, I write to get things off my chest.

Today’s quote by me comes from a conversation with a fellow writer friend.

Oh writers! We do like to get stuck in our own heads sometimes, don’t we?

What do I write? Will anyone read it? Do I even have anything worth saying? Am I an imposter/fraud?

So here you are, sitting at your computer reading yet another article about writer’s block, about how to get out of your own way, about how to write a hit. You can’t, and here’s why.

Writing isn’t about sales. Forget everything you know. A reader is smart and can tell that something was written as click bait or to cater to a specific niche, and that has a time and a place in marketing but not in the wide open creative of it all. You are too focussed on how to monetize your ideas and effectively kill all the good ones before they’ve fully been realized.

Writing is about you. What interests you? What is a story that you can’t help but tell to anyone who will listen—to the point where your friends and family are like CHERYL WE’VE HEARD IT. Oh? That’s just me?

Write a review about a book or show that you love extolling all it’s divine wisdom and cleverly crafted characters. Write a character sketch about a lesson you’ve learned from ordinary life like I did here. Don’t underestimate the beauty of mundane human existence. We’re all just out here living our lives and reading about someone else’s can be very comforting and even teach us a thing or two.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to learn or try? Research a new topic or try a new skill and document it with words and images.

Write an entire blog series on recipe fails! People love a good kitchen fail and you’ll feel relief sharing a bit of yourself with the world, and maybe prevent a few people from the same mistake.

Bottom line is worrying about what sells will kill your drive. Remember why you love to write in the first place, and do that.

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