You have to jump first

Jumping into anything new is scary

no one is denying that. In leadership, it comes with it’s own sets of amplified fears because we convince ourselves we’re responsible for others’ successes and failures.

Pro tip: you are only responsible for you

The only thing you can control in life is yourself. Stop. Read that again. THE ONLY THING YOU CAN CONTROL IN LIFE IS YOURSELF. With that in mind, we can’t lead people anywhere we aren’t willing to go ourselves.

Want to help a client move past an obstacle in their life? Stop avoiding the one in yours. You know the one, the one that makes you drag your emotional (and often literal) feet. The one that has you saying “I don’t want to,” or “this is too hard.” It’s NOT too hard. It is uncomfortable.

Our bodies and minds are capable of incredible things.

We convince ourselves we are unable to do it and then we can’t. Not the other way around.

I told myself for over 25 years that I was too fat to workout. I was too fat to hike, swim, bike, jump, run, do yoga—you name it, I was too fat for it. I’m still fat and this month I jumped rope 6 days a week, did modified (but still hard) push-ups and planks, not only did I do yoga but I’m better at it than my very active thin and muscular partner. TAKE THAT PAST ME.

I’ve removed “I can’t” from my vocabulary and replaced it with “not yet” and “I already am.”

Now when my clients say they can’t do it, I reply, “You already are.” This is it, this is doing it. Doing it is showing up. It’s not about being an expert.

No one that ever was an expert started that way.

This awkward feeling, this is learning. Without it, there will be no sense of satisfaction at the end. Without my belly flapping around like a mudflap on the back of a 4×4, there will be no sculpted abdomen. Without my bat wing triceps blowing in the wind as I jump rope, there will be no muscle mass to master a pull up.

And without early mornings, grumbling tummies, and sacrifice, there will be no progress.

What are you willing to endure, overcome, and press on from to meet your goals? You can only lead where you’ve already been, so step out and bring someone with you.

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