The grass isn’t always greener

I came across this quote on Pinterest the other day, and was like, YEP.

Found on Pinterest, Artist name in bottom corner.

I can get so caught up in comparing myself to other people’s acheivements or where I think I should be without taking the time to consider HOW they got there.

If you’ve ever heard yourself say “must be nice” when seeing someone’s life or social media, you know what I mean.

I don’t like being told that I am largely in control of my own happiness and success. That I choose what I nuture in my life, and that includes doubt and limiting beliefs.

What grows and takes root in our lives is what we nuture.

I realized today, and told Olivia, that simply by doing what I already LOVE and am doing anyway, I have now officially earned more money in the last 6 weeks than I did all of last year.

Now, let’s be clear, I didn’t earn much last year. But I did work a job that sucked my soul for a hot minute because I thought that’s what I needed to do to be successful.

I completely bought into the lie that humans are here to make money to buy stuff and the more stuff you have the better you are.

Since I shifted my mindset from “how do I earn more money?” to “how can I help people like me the most?” my life has changed.

Even my already existing relationships have deepened as we talk about things that really REALLY matter. Listening is easier, noise is less, anxiety is actually manageable now because I can tell WHERE it’s coming from.

Smoked marinated tofu on a salad with beans and beets.

Tomorrow I’m attending a master class to help me prepare some AWESOME material for y’all that is going to be AMAZING.

From Autumn Calabrese’s new book! Ask me how to get yours.

Do you want your life to be about more than earning that next dollar and eating takeout that makes you feel lethargic?

Want to know the secret to how I get out of bed before 630am most mornings?

Hint, it’s not actually a secret.

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