Stop asking why is life so hard, and start asking why we expect it to be easy

This Friday has been a BIG day in Cheryl Land.

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I did a reading for Olivia and I separately the other night, and it basically said some big things professionally and personally are on the horizon and to hold on and keep pushing forward because I’m finally FINALLY finally going to see the return on the things I’ve been investing in for so long.

Don’t give up y’all. There are SO many challenges to overcome, so many hoops to jump through, so many obstacles to dismantle on this marathon iron-run up hill to break away from the poverty mindset and reality.

I’ve stopped asking why it’s so hard, why life is so hard, because none of us are promised easy.

We don’t want to work for things. We don’t want to fight and struggle. Humans like comfort, we DEMAND it. From the size of houses to the mutlibillion dollar “selfcare” industry, we like pampering and comfort.

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We like cozy sweaters and fluffy blankets. We like spacious homes and warm colours. We like extra sized pillow top mattresses and memory foam pillows. We don’t like pain, struggle, stress, strife, or discomfort.

Here’s the thing, every single thing in my life that I cherish, that I love and enjoy, that I am MOST proud of came from some level of discomfort. Whether it was risking rejection to find Olivia or financial insecurity to get an education, or the literal blood, sweat and tears of renovating our EXTREME fixer upper—they all came with and still have discomfort. And I wouldn’t trade a single minute.

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We are promised LOVE. We are promised community. We are promised abundance.

Abundance doesn’t start with piles of money to roll in like it did for Scrooge McDuck on Duck Tales when we were kids.

It starts in us, with our hearts and our minds and what we say yes and no to.

When I said yes to toxic relationships and yes to settling for what I could get instead of what I really wanted and deserved, I had an abundance of pain, suffering and stress.

Now, I’m saying yes to the people in my life that build me up, that hold space for me, that exude light and love on others.

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I’m saying yes only to things that fit where I want to be later in life and sometimes, that means saying NO to things that aren’t bad, but just don’t fit.

This is a long post, but I’m really feeling pulled to be honest and put it all out there.

I used to get actively angry when people in my life told me that part of my money and mental health problems were my mindset—here’s the thing….they were right.

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And that’s even MORE infuriating. When my mind, my thoughts, how I viewed the world and my place in it started to change (even though my place never did….even literally…still live in the same house…make even less than I did before)…I started seeing good things come one after another.

A lot of them were already there and I just couldn’t see them.

What are some GOOD things you might not being seeing through the cloud of limited beliefs?

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