An invitation to say no

Saying “No” isn’t bad. It’s healthy. If it doesn’t align with your goals, and you don’t need it to get from step one to step two, it’s not yours.

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I often get caught up in what I “can do” and don’t stop to ask if it fits into where I want to be.

I set a goal for myself and my business for January 6th and the only way I am going to achieve that goal is to accept the things that fuel it and pave the way and pass the things that don’t—those things are meant for other people.

Maybe you’re a gifted person too? Or a healer? A helper? You live to see others succeed and it brings you JOY when they do and yet you’re feeling burnt out and stuck in the same place you were last year, last decade?

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What would it look like to only say “yes” to the things that fit who you will become later—as if you already are that person?

What if you already have the tools you need to “be healthier” (whatever that means)?

What if, right now, you have the ability to impact others’ lives without burnout?

How would you navigate your life differently?

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