You are stronger than your anxiety

This truth is something that I have lived through, and held to when my feelings didn’t match my reality.

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I have always, ALWAYS, struggled with anxiety. My earliest memories are of 3 or 4 year old me being terrified of so many things.

As a survivor of trauma, medical trauma, and some pretty dark stuff, I have the emotional and physical scars to prove my resilience.

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When you’re constantly coming from a place of exhaustion, fear, and survival, it can be extremely difficult to pause and invest in yourself.
I am so grateful for the gently nudging of my friends and loved ones and the opportunity to spend a little time each day and evening boosting my physical and mental strength.

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The routine has carried me through the low points of not feeling up to it. My mind and body craves the movement, craves the meditation, craves the super food nourishment.

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Even on the days when I feel “too much” I always feel a little lighter, breathe a little easier, because I took time to focus and reset. In those 35 minutes each morning, there’s nothing but me and the mat.

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