To the Missing Island Youths

A poetic response to the five young people (that I know of) that have gone missing in the last month on Vancouver Island.

What Is Wrong With Me?

A 24 year old man once asked me if I was as discontent about being single as he was. He asked if there was something wrong with him. I paused, reflected on where I was 4.5 years ago and found myself being more wise than I actually am. Three things are true of people who... Continue Reading →

Fan Friday: About Sex

The more we separate sex and love the greater our loneliness inside commitment will be.

Christmas Cheer

This is a year of firsts. The first Christmas I celebrate without plenty of children around. The first Christmas I am too far from home to surprise my family with either gifts or my presence. The first Christmas completely on my own.I feel great! Like many single adults living far from home, I often find... Continue Reading →

Radical Faith

Radical faith, what does it look like?Honestly, when I hear those two words I instantly think of the great heroes of the faith. Mother Theresa, William Wilberforce, John Foxe or more recently the underground believers in the Middle East and South East Asia.I think of people who struggled to overcome great political and religious adversity.... Continue Reading →

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