How coaching healed my mind, soul, & body

I had no hope. And now, even in a PANDEMIC, I have hope for a good future.

Life goals: getting out of bed in the morning & more

For years I thought that goals were beyond me. Friends and family on social media were constantly posting their #lifegoals #relationshipgoals #financialgoals and I was held captive by my life-long battle with mental illness.

What gets you moving?

The procrastination battle is real. It's also a trap!

Reversed VIII-Strength/Leo

Represents Leadership. Age/stage 32 to 35. When this card turns up, during Leo's time to shine especially, it's calling you to exercise your talents. Love triumphs over hate, over self-doubt, over self-sabotage and the inner strength of the Lion is harnessed. That bravery, the self-control, can enable you to do anything you set your mind... Continue Reading →

Ditch the scale as your indicator of success

Reminder to self, and anyone who needs it, trust the process non-scale victories help us when the scale isn't our friend. Here's the thing about weight loss coupled with strength training. You will gain weight as you lose mass. This is hard for those of us, most of us, who have been taught to focus... Continue Reading →

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