I don’t write for anyone in mind, I write to get things off my chest.

Oh writers! We do like to get stuck in our own heads sometimes, don't we?

Who I Used to Be

They used to call me The Amazing Cheryl during my camp days. I even had a fan club on Facebook for a hot minute. I'm still in touch with many of my campers 15 years later (wow, that makes me feel old) as they're having babies, getting married, becoming world changers and all around wonderful... Continue Reading →

I’m 32 and also living paycheque to paycheque

I read an article today on #HuffingtonPost titled I'm 37 and living paycheck to paycheck. As I read, I realized how familiar the author's story was. You see the pressure to go to events to support friends and loved ones is real—even more so during the holiday season. Many of us are just one or two... Continue Reading →

Doubt: Watch Me

It just might be that accidental best idea I've ever had.


a gentle breeze morphs into a tempest where trees once danced and bowed before a dormant power they dig their roots in deeper anchored—they sway drunk on the wind's power, unable to stand upright a lonely boat rests in the harbour at the complete mercy of a wild master. Wind shows up when and how... Continue Reading →

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