Life goals: getting out of bed in the morning & more

For years I thought that goals were beyond me. Friends and family on social media were constantly posting their #lifegoals #relationshipgoals #financialgoals and I was held captive by my life-long battle with mental illness.

Are you showing up for yourself today?

I was talking to my partner about a simple decision...making coffee or not...without one of us talking to the other one. So one person decided for both. Let me be clear, this was not a fight, but it was a learning moment in our relationship about how accustomed to routines we have become. Who makes... Continue Reading →

A Close Reading of Jordan Abel’s Injun

***If you are not familiar with Jordan's work, I cannot recommend him enough.*** The first portion of Injun is comprised of 509 instances of the slur occurring in the master source text Abel created. He used the "find" function on his word processor after copying and pasting 91 open-sourced old western manuscripts into one large... Continue Reading →

To the Missing Island Youths

A poetic response to the five young people (that I know of) that have gone missing in the last month on Vancouver Island.

My First Queer Church

I didn't realize how important those rituals, of remembering Jesus together with other believers, were. I didn't realize how much I was in survival mode. Mostly, I just didn't realize.

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