My First Queer Church

I didn't realize how important those rituals, of remembering Jesus together with other believers, were. I didn't realize how much I was in survival mode. Mostly, I just didn't realize.

Radical 2.0

This is a post I wrote when I felt like I was at the bottom of a dark pit and the only way out was honesty. With LGBT issues taking centre stage in light of the recent tragedy in Orlando, now more than ever, it's important to share our coming out stories. It's important to offer hope,... Continue Reading →

Hot Topic : The Use of the Word Homosexual in the Bible

As you might imagine, I've been receiving many emails, messages and questions asking how I interpret the verses in scripture that condemn homosexuality.Rather than speak from my point of view, I would like to provide readers with the same information I read and allow them to come to their own conclusions. I believe that we are... Continue Reading →

Radio Silence Renewed My Soul

I've been absent from the blog life for about a month. I needed time to focus on the Spirit and what He might be leading me into. Over the next while I will be sharing poetry and song lyrics that I've written during these past few silent weeks.I'm hoping to start nailing down some melodies... Continue Reading →

Radical Faith

Radical faith, what does it look like?Honestly, when I hear those two words I instantly think of the great heroes of the faith. Mother Theresa, William Wilberforce, John Foxe or more recently the underground believers in the Middle East and South East Asia.I think of people who struggled to overcome great political and religious adversity.... Continue Reading →

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