No one should die that way: a personal story of the opioid epidemic in Canada

Content warning: discussion of abuse, drug related death, attempted violence, trauma, mental health, loss.

To the Missing Island Youths

A poetic response to the five young people (that I know of) that have gone missing in the last month on Vancouver Island.

Son of Mine

October 17th. Happy 12th birthday son of mine. I hope Heaven is getting better weather than we are. Love you. Mom.

Why I Have Trust Issues

**Note, events in this post are as I remember them, through a child's lens, and may not reflect actual events!**   In class, we had a writing exercise where we were to think of a memory. This memory was to occur before the age of twelve and have a great impact on us. Below is... Continue Reading →

What to Say to Your LGBT Friend

You're a conservative Christian, or at the very least, you're old school. Maybe you don't have a particular religion that you ascribe to. Regardless of affiliations, you hold to traditional beliefs about marriage and family. You want to reach out to your LGBT friends and co-workers, but you don't know how. Maybe you're afraid that... Continue Reading →

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