Self-inflicted Battle Scars

Every week I try to write about a different Christian buzzword and today‚Äôs buzzword is same sex attracted/love the sinner, hate the sin. I have been struggling to come up with something to write all week as the reasons to ascribing to this philosophy are as varied as the people that Christians are bred to... Continue Reading →

My First Queer Church

I didn't realize how important those rituals, of remembering Jesus together with other believers, were. I didn't realize how much I was in survival mode. Mostly, I just didn't realize.

My First Hate Mail: LGBTQ+ and Christianity Part 2

I wasn't intending to write a follow up entry to the lovely post about my mom, but less than twenty four hours after I praise her for being unconditionally loving and supportive of me--someone professing to be a follower of Christ said some very rude, hurtful and shameful things. Rather than repeat those things, I... Continue Reading →

Fan Friday: About Sex

The more we separate sex and love the greater our loneliness inside commitment will be.

Casualties of Authenticity

When I counted the cost of coming out, I was rather naive thinking that reactions from my loved ones would be black and white. Though I am the same person to myself, I am not the same person to those around me. Keeping so much of myself hidden, my questions, concerns and deepest struggles--I kept... Continue Reading →

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