Are you ready for an adventure?

Are you ready for an adventure? For some kindness? For something to inspire you? Today's Tarot Tuesday card is the Queen of Wands. She represents a self-assured person who is comfortable in the spotlight. The entertainers, actors, musicians, and artists. She also represents the INTJ personality types. Those who are skeptical, competent, logical, and... Continue Reading →

revisiting the conversation

I've forgotten how to have an adult conversation. My time interacting with the queer faith community, and it's haters, on social media has resulted in a writing style of hot takes. It's created a vacuum where real conversation doesn't come easy, if at all. Recently, #Bethel posted their #Changed movement propaganda (and that is exactly... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day: Gender and Trauma

There are many reasons why this day is hard for me. I know it's difficult for others too. I see you and I support you. For those of us who have difficult relationships with our mothers, this day can bring up a lot of past trauma, harmful thought patterns, and a general feeling of grief.... Continue Reading →


When I read the news yesterday morning that Rachel Held Evans had lost her fight in hospital against unexpected sudden illness, I was beyond shocked. In one instant, I was angry, hurt, hopeless, tearful, afraid, and ultimately unable to express my profound loss. I didn't know Rachel personally, but have had the privilege of interacting... Continue Reading →

Still Gay, Still Christian

It's been a few years since I came out publicly on social media. I was out in my close relationships and the local community, but I was terrified of losing all credibility in the circles of faith. I was scared of being found out and ultimately cast aside. You can find out about that journey... Continue Reading →

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