What gets you moving?

The procrastination battle is real. It's also a trap!

Reversed VIII-Strength/Leo

Represents Leadership. Age/stage 32 to 35. When this card turns up, during Leo's time to shine especially, it's calling you to exercise your talents. Love triumphs over hate, over self-doubt, over self-sabotage and the inner strength of the Lion is harnessed. That bravery, the self-control, can enable you to do anything you set your mind... Continue Reading →

“Their guilt is not yours to own.”

"Their guilt is not yours to own."--me It can be hard to talk openly about things when people we love are connected to them. We are not responsible for other people's responses to our own truth. Should we consider how our words and actions with impact others—absolutely! Should we allow those possible impacts, conflicts, bits... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Waiting Anymore

Something that grieves my soul, enrages my spirit, and makes me groan, growl, swear out loud is when you're in a discussion with someone either in person or online and they keep moving the goal post. If you're not familiar with this term, picture the comment section where someone responds to your post with a... Continue Reading →

Who I Used to Be

They used to call me The Amazing Cheryl during my camp days. I even had a fan club on Facebook for a hot minute. I'm still in touch with many of my campers 15 years later (wow, that makes me feel old) as they're having babies, getting married, becoming world changers and all around wonderful... Continue Reading →

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