Food isn’t “good” or “bad”.

It is nutrient-dense or not though. Science, NOT GROSS DIET CULTURE, proves that not all calories are created equal.

Let’s talk cravings.

Before fixing my portions and removing junk food from my life, I used to crave salty snacks ALL. THE. TIME.

Start your workout in a chair

Did you know that you can modify the Youv2 workout to a chair/stool/seated position if being on your feel for 20-30 minutes and moving is still beyond your safe comfort level? 21 Day Fix with super modified moves still helped me gain strength. My clients are fall all over the mobility and weight spectrum. From... Continue Reading →

Don’t shame eat food, just eat food.

When we shift our mindset to view food as fuel and not as a medicine for various ailments (emotional, mental, physical, comfort) we can release the shame, guilt and stigma surrounding what we put in our bodies.

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