What Makes Me Dangerous

I'm so dangerous You don't even know I'm in the fast lane I'm a gay daughter of a liberated hoe

Fan Friday: About Sex

The more we separate sex and love the greater our loneliness inside commitment will be.

What They Don’t Tell You About Being an Adult

Photo CreditI am a friendly person. All my life I've had an easy time of making friends. I'm the person that the introvert stands beside at a party so they don't have to talk to strangers. Only, now that I am a grown up and moved away from my college friends, I don't get invited... Continue Reading →

Indie Author Strategies

I've been having a lot of articles turn up in my Facebook newsfeed about Indie Authors and their success stories. This is one time in my life where Facebook's spying on my activity is paying off. There is a theme emerging as I read. The top three things that successful independent writers seem to have... Continue Reading →

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