Ditch the scale as your indicator of success

Reminder to self, and anyone who needs it, trust the process non-scale victories help us when the scale isn't our friend. Here's the thing about weight loss coupled with strength training. You will gain weight as you lose mass. This is hard for those of us, most of us, who have been taught to focus... Continue Reading →

305: A short story

Did the smell or the sound come first? Metal on metal snapped biting into one another. Hot acrid smoke filled the bus and people were piled on each other in a heap.

Breaking the Silence: The Resistance.

I've been trying to think of what to say in the wake of events over the past six weeks. The world is a messy place right now. At times it can feel overwhelming and even pointless to add to the volume of dissenting voices. It can feel like the sound of my objections, my values... Continue Reading →

A Story about a Cat?

Hey there friends! I am currently enjoying a rainy weekend away from home and the troubles that lay in that area. I needed to come up with a clever and original story this weekend for next week's short fiction class. My friend suggested I write a story about his cat, so I did, and I'd... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Learned from Discussing Sexuality with a Pastor

Recently, I did something that I was afraid to do. I talked with a local pastor about LGBTQ people and their relationship with the church. I was scared before I went, even though I know this person and knew the content of the conversation, that it was going to be about trying to convince one... Continue Reading →

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