5 ways to grow your intuition

Intuition is a muscle like anything else. You need to use it or you'll lose it.

Reversed VIII-Strength/Leo

Represents Leadership. Age/stage 32 to 35. When this card turns up, during Leo's time to shine especially, it's calling you to exercise your talents. Love triumphs over hate, over self-doubt, over self-sabotage and the inner strength of the Lion is harnessed. That bravery, the self-control, can enable you to do anything you set your mind... Continue Reading →

Shake the Conventional

Today's Card is The Hierophant/Taurus. (Deck by The Fox Tarot) It represents the challenging of conventional thoughts, specifically in the areas of spirituality. It can also represent roles being defined in a relationship or partnership, higher learning such as post secondary or personal scholarship, authority figures. When this card turns up there's great change/growth/work to... Continue Reading →

Are you ready for an adventure?

Are you ready for an adventure? For some kindness? For something to inspire you? Today's Tarot Tuesday card is the Queen of Wands. She represents a self-assured person who is comfortable in the spotlight. The entertainers, actors, musicians, and artists. https://www.thefoxtarot.com/product-page/the-fox-tarot-guidebook She also represents the INTJ personality types. Those who are skeptical, competent, logical, and... Continue Reading →

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