What do you call a writer that doesn’t write?

For the last few months I've barely been able to catch up on life duties. We've all been there. Work, volunteer commitments, friendships and relationships new, old and budding. All of those events eat away our time. As finite beings, bound by the 24 hour clock, we can easily lose days, weeks, months, and sometimes... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Silence: The Resistance.

I've been trying to think of what to say in the wake of events over the past six weeks. The world is a messy place right now. At times it can feel overwhelming and even pointless to add to the volume of dissenting voices. It can feel like the sound of my objections, my values... Continue Reading →

What Makes Me Dangerous

I'm so dangerous You don't even know I'm in the fast lane I'm a gay daughter of a liberated hoe

Things Not to Say

I resolve not to let others saying harmful things in my presence or sphere of influence whether in jest or otherwise.

Which One is the Girl?

To ask who takes on the traditional role of a male or female in an LGBTQ relationship is to totally miss the point.

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