Still Gay, Still Christian

It's been a few years since I came out publicly on social media. I was out in my close relationships and the local community, but I was terrified of losing all credibility in the circles of faith. I was scared of being found out and ultimately cast aside. You can find out about that journey... Continue Reading →

When ally pastors get it wrong

Dear Christian Allies (esp leaders), Stop sending youth and young adults away to the LGBT faith community out of fear that you'll screw up. Those of us outside of church often don't feel close to Jesus, have no idea what we believe about God's love, are bitter towards the church, hesitant or unable to pray... Continue Reading →

Brokenness: LGBT Christian

Broken: adjective 1. reduced to fragments; fragmented. 2. ruptured; torn; fractured. 3. not functioning properly; out of working order. Broken: no longer part of the whole. Unable, incapable of being complete. Beyond repair. Broken: forces outside of an object render it torn, threads of it's being separated by violence. Broken: as a result of over burden or neglect, an object fails to do what it was designed... Continue Reading →

What I didn’t know was missing

I've always been an independent person. I was the strong-willed child that knew what she wanted, the edgy teen who didn't take flack from anyone, and the travelling idealist looking for a place to put roots down—in her own time.

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