What Makes Me Dangerous

I'm so dangerous You don't even know I'm in the fast lane I'm a gay daughter of a liberated hoe

My First Queer Church

I didn't realize how important those rituals, of remembering Jesus together with other believers, were. I didn't realize how much I was in survival mode. Mostly, I just didn't realize.

Sexual Harassment is Not a Compliment

Women, and even some men, you've likely heard it before. You share an experience with friends that makes you uncomfortable--someone hollering at you on the street, sending you rude unsolicited messages on social media, or sexualizing you. You pour your heart out expecting support, expecting them to be horrified with you, expecting validation and you... Continue Reading →

Things Not to Say

I resolve not to let others saying harmful things in my presence or sphere of influence whether in jest or otherwise.

Which One is the Girl?

To ask who takes on the traditional role of a male or female in an LGBTQ relationship is to totally miss the point.

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